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42: There and back again

41: Ain’t where it’s at. 

40: If I ran the zoo

39: self-evident

38: I know you are, but what am I? 

37: How can you tell if a giraffe is friendly? 

36: One of these things is not like the others

35: I hate that question

34: The art of doing your very best, right now. 

33: A very boring, unfulfilling story

32: How to say, “No, thank you.” 

31: “Or you don’t.”

30: You are making your life harder than it needs to be

29: I bet I can hold my breath longer than you

28: I’m Starting with the Man in the Mirror

27: A Couple Slices of Pizza, a Snickers Bar and a Diet Coke

26: I Have a Really Disgusting Story to Tell You

25: I Fell in the Shower Doing the Robot

24: You’re Not Spending Enough money on You

23: Create Your Own Reality

22: It’s Alive

21: Does your job suck?

20: Better than Nothing

19: “Exercise is Loathsome” 

18: Get Gritty

17: What are you waiting for? 

16: Make Yourself Proud

15: Your Mind, the Dangerous Weapon

14: Experiments Fail

13: Be Gracious

12: Simple and Delicious

11: Seriously

10: Don’t Worry

9: “…he lives as if he is never going to die…” 

8: If You’re Awesome


6: Go For a Walk

5: Make Your Life Better Right Now

4: Part of the Team

3: From Concentrate

2: Grunt Work

1: Read’em & weep